Mental Health Specialist

In consultation with your attorneys, you may have one or  two MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS on your team.

Mental Health Specialists take on the roles of the Divorce Coach and the Child Specialist.


THE DIVORCE COACH helps you  uncouple your old, dysfunctional relationship by helping you process the emotional part of the break-up and build the skills you need in order to create a respectful divorce and move on with your life.

Coaches help you and your partner learn to communicate better if there are children in the relationship, assist you in learning how to co-parent them together from different homes.  Coaches are often invited to the meetings between you and your partner and the attorneys to facilitate communication.  Sometimes they assist you and the Child Specialist in developing a parenting plan.


The CHILD SPECIALIST joins the team when children are involved.  They help the children understand and process their parents’ divorce and act as the children’s voice in developing a parenting plan.  The Child Specialist helps the parents understand the adjustment needs of their children through this time of change helps the parents learn to co-parent from separate homes.

Although Mental Health Specialists are an extra expense, most people find that, since the they perform many tasks traditionally done by attorneys and do so for significantly less cost, the expense is justified. Mental Health Specialists also help you come out of your divorce in a better emotional and mental place than you would have otherwise done, assuring you a better future.

Our Mental Health Specialists include:

Wendy Rawlings
Wendy Rawlings
1010 South 336th Street
Suite 208
Federal Way WA 98003
(253) – 661 – 0181

Roxanne Cull
Roxanne Cull
6212 75th St West
Lakewood, WA 98499
(253) 312-9352

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